Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Living on the Edge

Lately we've entered the climbing phase.  Really not my favorite, though i think it might be his : )

Places that used to be safe are safe no longer.
Things that used to be out of reach are suddenly at hand, and nothing is sacred.
This is one of those things that nobody tells you before you have kids - your stuff is no longer your own.
If you cannot find a place for it out of the way, it will be tasted, sampled, tried, thrown, torn, hidden, eaten, ruined, used, abused, 
and completely at the mercy of those precious little hands.

It's a good thing those hands are indeed so precious, and that little face so loveable...

At least one of us is having fun ; )

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Chandra said...

Make that two...I had fun looking at these! I'm still amazed as to how quickly he's growing up!