Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trendy Tuesday v.17

At long last, the triumphant return of Trendy Tuesday!
I have been reluctant to even attempt one of these photo shoots in months, 
mainly due to the fact that my model has the attention span of, well, a one-year-old.
But we gave it a (surprisingly successful) attempt yesterday....

The Hoodie Edition:

 Tractor Hoodie: Carters

Red Puppy Hoodie: Joe Fresh

Milk Truck Hoodie: Gymboree

Surprisingly the Little allowed me to do this, sitting still just long enough each time to snag a shot.
And I am happy to report that we actually have enough to do another post,
so watch out for part 2 next week!  

Have a wonderful day!


auntie said...

wow, soo much matt in that 3rd picture!

Kelly-Marie said...

oo such a trendy little dude!

Jaymi said...

those little hoodies are SO cute! Love the last shot!

MJ said...

awwww i've missed seeing trendy tuesday, he's such a stylish little man. love the tractor one!

Chandra said...

OMG...you have to link this one up with me today! It's too cute to not be shared! That boy has some swag:D

Annie Smith said...

Awww, what a cute patoot! Miss that little age. :)