Thursday, December 29, 2011


Thirteen Months.

I feel like things have changed so much lately.
When i think of having a thirteen month old i feel funny inside,
and i'm all like, 'that's totally not my kid, he's just a baby, you must mean someone else...'
But then i look at you and you do something funny - on purpose - to make me laugh,
and i realize, 'whoa, i've got a little person here....'

Your sense of humour is really starting to show,
and you like to laugh, even though it's sometimes a fake laugh 
just so you can hear us fake laugh back at you.
That's fun.

I am astounded at your energy.
You never stop moving, and the world is so interesting to you!
I get tired just watching you go, and i love trying to see things through your eyes.
What is so interesting about that tp tube?
Why do you like to eat dirt instead of this beautiful supper i made you?
Where the h%@#! are you going now?

There is so much music in your life,
you are surrounded by little drums you bang and horns you toot.
I catch you strumming my guitar in the bedroom, and you won't leave your dad alone when he plays.
Your aunty Sue and i watched you bust a move the other day, sadly it was to that 'i'm sexy and i know it' song, but whatevs,
you definitely have some rhythm.  

You snuggle sometimes, but are usually too busy.
You like to watch tv (way too much! and way too close!) and are starting to color, (sort of)
and i think you have inherited my sweet tooth.
You still like your books, hate getting dressed, and have started to drink your bath water.
But my favorite is when you are eating something good 
you clasp your hands and go 'mmmmmmm'. 

Keep growing my little buddy, and keep being amazing : )


aunty said...

definitely many dance parties to come with this little dude.

Sennie said...

What a sweetie<3

Beth said...

I can't believe your 13 months already..........I love all the time we get to spend together. :)

Anonymous said...

Children grow so fast! I can't believe how fast time flies by!