Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old dog new tricks? You bet.

aka 'Touch Up Tuesday'

I'm very honest with the fact that i SUCK at computer stuff.
Half of the time i have no idea what i'm doing, the other half of the time the program does all the work for me.  
And i'm pretty okay with that.  Though some things take more time than they should,
 i DO get there eventually (hmm...story of my life?)

So i have been seeing a lot of stuff on presets in photoshop on other photographers blogs,
and finally found a few moments to figure them out.
This is one of those instances where the program does all the work, i love it when things are done for me!

 i used a cute baby action from here.

It's a first attempt, and for all of you who have been after me to watermark my photos please note 
the little watermark in the corner.  Like i said, i get there eventually....
Pretty nifty huh?

we're also featured today over on Jamie's Blog, go see!

Have a great day!

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Anne U said...

Gorgeous, really brought out his eyes.