Friday, August 19, 2011

Jake's Turn

This week - the Little Bit's favorite things to do!

For some reason most of these are really not my favorite things that he does;
I prefer the snuggly moments, the times when he plays quietly by himself, the funny little noise he makes when he knows food is near, and especially those big open-mouthed kisses he's been giving me lately. sigh.

oh well, i'm guessing the word 'no' was invented for children...
'cause man oh man am i ever using it these days!

Grabbing at my sunglasses, or my hair, or my necklace....

Chasing the roomba, and hammering on it with his fists when he 'catches' it.
It's actually pretty funny watching the vaccuum go around him like he was a piece of furniture,
and it kinda occupies him for a while. hmmm, not so bad really.

Reading books in his 'outdoor playpen' - aka two benches pushed together.
I guess there's nothing really wrong with this, except that he eats the books more than reads them.
But i'm thinking you'll appreciate our ingenuity on this one.

Splashing in the Hannah Dog's water dish.
Really not my favorite - but he LOVES it.  Let's just hope Hannah doesn't lay the smack down. For real.

This is just funny. he makes me laugh ALL the time.

Trying to play his Daddy's guitar, or the huge metal bongo drum beside it.
Either of which could potentially fall on him and break, thus creating a vast musical void in the house.
oh, and it might hurt.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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