Friday, August 26, 2011


nine months ago we'd only just met.

nine months ago his eyes were barely open.
he didn't know who i was, and i didn't know him either,
but now i know so much more about this amazing little boy...

i know he loves books.
he whines when he's hungry, and smacks when he eats.
he is a rough and tumble kid, and loves to be hung upside down.
he gives big slobbery open-mouthed kisses.
he tries to climb me when he's tired, but hates to have naps.
his giggle is the best sound i have ever heard.
he's strong, and heavy. and my hair will attest to the strength of his grip.
his fingernails grow faster than i can cut them.
he likes to walk while you hold him up, and is a wikid fast crawler.
he likes to make noise, mostly by yelling. singing perhaps?
i know he likes food and toys and the hannah dog.
and i know he lights up so many lives.

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so cute.. great post :)