Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afternoons With Jake

These days lately go by so fast,
often a blur of diaper changes, feedings, and tummy time,
rattles and books and bath time.

Some of these days are long, no doubt,
and often filled with unpleasant moments.
Moments of uncertainty, self-doubt, and even sheer confusion.
Moments of exhaustion, frustration and sometimes even moments of despair.
Moments when I wonder if I can really do this.

But then another moment will occur.
And more often than not it will be a magical one.

Moments when Dr. Nails is playing with him,
and I'll see that little shine he gets in his eyes when he looks into that sweet baby face.
The moment the Hannah Dog lays a great big slurp on a chubby cheek.
Moments of snuggles and cuddles, gurgles and goos.
And how from the moment he wakes up every day he has a smile at the ready.

And in these moments I GET IT.
What it is to be a mother;
how I will spend the rest of my life exhausted, confused and terribly concerned,
and totally, completely, in love.
Truly. Madly. Deeply.


'Aunt' Eileen said...

Gillian... this picture makes me weak, he is so so beautiful. This may just be Bliss Personified! (Looking forward to meeting Jake, oh yeah, and you too!)

Gillian@BuildingBumps said...

Thanks Eileen, Bliss is indeed the word!