Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under Foot

Despite the title, this post is not about the Hannah Dog.
 Although come to think about it she often does get in the way,
usually around suppertime when she lies in wait for me to drop something delicious.
I'd be a liar if I told you I didn't,
though most of the time it's not on purpose. 
I swear.

this is not about that.
This is about what is REALLY underfoot,
aka, new floors!

In case you weren't here to witness the state of our floors,
we have been living with bare concrete in our living room for a few months now.
I dug this photo up from the archives to show you:

Note the big crack in the floor where the old wall used to be,
and that beautiful chair under the window.
Remember my on going dispute with that van seat?

After listening to me bemoan the perils of an infant falling on hard,
unforgiving concrete for the past few months,
our carpenter friends decided it was time to get'er done.

The result?
Pretty nice I think.

I am particularly pleased with the couch situation.
It is much improved.

This is the floor Jake will hang out on.
I can just hear him and his dad tearing across it,
with the Hannah dog hot on their heels...

pitter patter.

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