Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dating Game

If we call it a play date, does it count?

Jake and I went to visit Andrea and little Isaac the other day,
our very first play date!

Isaac is about 6 weeks older than Jake,
and it was amazing to see what a difference such a short amount of time 
can make when they're this little.

He's such a cutie, and my little dude had an excellent time.
Something tells me he's going to be the kind of guy that can have fun anywhere.

It's so hard not to rush things though, 
as part of me just wanted them to get up and crawl all around.
But the other ( much saner ) part of me wants him to stay this small forever.

And stay still.
In one place.
Exactly where I put him. 

I know that they barely even registered each other's presence,
but it still counts as a play date, right?
It's not like it was for my sake or anything like that.

But I certainly am looking forward to doing it again sometime....

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