Monday, July 19, 2010

Levelling Off

After deep thought and discussion, we finally decided against the pool... so once the pumping and removal of excess water was complete what remained was a mucky, muddy mess.  Time to call in the professionals.  This is my personal favorite part of the job - Supervising!  It's actually my whole job description, and what I do best, but it seems that someone has been taking notes and may be 
trying to usurp my position!

Minus the beer of course, but it sure looks like he learned that lean somewhere.

That large machine in the background was the one actually working, 
and work some magic he did.

Note the little rock walls on either side of what will be the rec-room, and the beautiful view we are so lucky to have - when we can see it through the fog that is!  And just you wait till you see circular drive...
Fancy mucky mucks are we ; )

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