Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep you guessing

I present to you the question of the year, this year that I am calling the year of the bump, or maybe i should just call it a bump year, the bump year.  Anyways, that is neither here nor there.  
The real question is..... (drumroll please) ..............


Now, my lovely and handsome boyfriend - to be henceforth know at his request as "Dr. Nails" -  and I have made the decision to break many hearts and not find out the answer to said question.   
Instead we choose the surprise of a lifetime, and hope that it is just the beginning of the many amazing surprises to come.  I love surprises. Dr. Nails surprises me everyday, and so does my belly button.
November seems so far away!


Beth said...

It sure does! Never thought I would wish away a summer, I can't stop dreaming about your little surprise.

Gillian Penkala said...

Me neither, literally! Does dreaming it a girl make it a girl, or does that just mean that subconsciously I want a girl?