Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Last of the Autumn Sunshine

although it is more like winter these days than fall {ugh} i am still hanging on.
fall leaf wreath still hanging on the door, mini pumpkins and those orange Japanese lantern flowers as a centrepiece {intermingled with an ever changing array of dinkies and zippy cups},
and one last can of pumpkin in the cupboard, destined for sugary pumpkiny greatness...

and the pictures! oh the beautiful pictures,
full of gorgeous children doing fabulous fall things...

oh autumn, please don't go.

though my participation in this blog is sparse these days, i am trying not to give up completely!
i have been deliriously happily swamped with photography clients,
and only have so much screen time to give!
if you want to see what has been stealing me away from you go HERE!


Aunt Eileen said...

Oh Gill, some of these are heart-stoppingly-beautiful...xo

Renee said...

Gorgeous!!! We've been missing ya's too, but the pics you've been putting up on your other page are just magical!! (Is it silly to plan an overseas vacation to have family photos taken!?lol) Jakes looking like a right little boy now isn't he! And your wee chunky is just too cute!! Keep the pic's coming! :)