Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Big One

Dear Emmitt,

one. whole. year.
12 months, 365 days, 82.359 sleepless nights, 3920 dirty diapers, endless loads of laundry,
countless hours and minutes and seconds of you, my little love.

 the night before your first birthday, i softly kiss your head as i tuck you into your crib.
i remember the same night just one short year ago, when i had yet to lay eyes on your sweet face.

i had dug out all the old things, the jakie things. 
 plush blankets, baby swing. teeny tiny green and yellow clothes and shoes and jammies. 
some still smelling faintly of babe, sweet.
the rickety old bassinet that has cradled so many precious heads was set up beside the bed,
i was ready. you weren't:)

you were giving me a hard time then, one year ago,
and i had already been in labour for the better part of a day.
it would be another day yet before i would get to meet you, but it was worth it.

one whole year of joy and light and excruciating love.
one whole year of you.

{ Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Doyle Photography }


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little E! :)

Beautiful words as usual, Gill!

Renee said...

Such a sweet post!!! Happy belated birthday lil man!