Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Little Boys, and Motherhood...

yes it's silly. it's a crappy grainy iphone picture. but it might be one of my 
favourite. photos. ever. 
of all time.
because this is what life looks like around here, every morning. 

i love that there is a two year old draped around my neck. i love that he is happy. 
it's there, in his face.

i love this intimacy that is motherhood; the constant state of attending to little bodies. 
the way they smell after a bath, those flushed after-nap cheeks. 
how i can smooth stray locks of hair, pick them up and smother them with kisses whenever i want, 
give nose rubs or tickle tiny tummies... 
at any given moment i am usually in direct contact with a little body. 
a little boy.

sure, sometimes it doesn't always smell great around here. 
sometimes i wish i had less little boy time and more me time. 
and sometimes that little boy is more of a monkey on my back that i care to admit. 
but it's hilarious. 
it's pure and wild and fierce, this little boy love.

and if i don't take these crappy iphone pictures,
how quickly it will all fade.

so i take them,
and stash them away for later, when there are no more sticky fingers in my hair.
for when no one calls me mommy any more.
i take them to remind myself of this time, of these perfect little boys.

because it won't be like this for long....


Renee said...

LOVE this pic!!! Awesome post!!

Aunt Eileen said...

Gill, you have so perfectly captured something beautiful...again.