Friday, April 12, 2013

He Said She Said v.2

The insanity continues...

Me: "Hey do you want to go outside or what?"
Jake: "What."

After Jake lets out a bunch of farts:
Me: "Was that you farting?"
Jake: "Maybe a little bit mommy, a little tiny bit."

Dr. Nails still hung up on the unicorn thing:  
"I can't believe people don't believe there were unicorns, what the hell do they think a narwhale is?!
Yeah, there's giant fish with a horn but it's impossible for horses to have them? Come on!"

Jake after soaking his pants, socks and even filling his rain boots with pee:
"I pee outside like Hannah!!"

We were on our way home speeding along at about 80kph
Dr. Nails while driving, both hands on the wheel and wearing sunglasses: "Look at that!"
Me frantically looking left then right then back again: "Where? What?"
Dr: "Man you're bad at that, you should practise."

J: "I need wash my hands"
Me: "Why?"
J: "I hab pee on dem."
of course. why else?

After a day of botched conversations between myself and the dear Dr:
Dr Nails: "communication between us it at an all-time low."
In order to avoid any more confusion I simply nodded my agreement.
Unfortunately he wasn't looking at me....

But hey, here's looking at you : )

Disclaimer:  All conversations were in jest, no feelings were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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Renee said...

Bahahaha!! I especially Love that last one!! Sounds so familiar!