Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He Said She Said

Documenting the ridiculousness that is our life,
one conversation at a time...

Trying to lure Jake into helping me with the laundry (a long time favorite job)
Me:  "Baby, can you please come help me with the laundry?"
Him:  "Mommy do it herself."
(this has since become a favorite phrase, along with "Mommy get it.")

While discussing Narwhales with Dr. Nails:
Me: "I didn't know that was a real animal."
Him: "Of course it's real, I think that unicorns are real too, i mean they had to come from somewhere right?"
Me: "Yeah, but Spiderman came from somewhere too, like someone's head. Are you saying you believe in unicorns?"
Him: "Well when you put it like that it doesn't sound that cool..."

Jake after throwing a dinky car at my head:
"Hello mommy, i love you, kiss"

Dr. Nails:  "I'm going to save these last 4 meatballs for later."
Me:  "And there's 3 more in the pan for you."
Him:  "Awesome, that makes 5."
Me:  "um, ok..."

Jake when the lego's wouldn't co-operate, throws one against the wall in a fit of rage:
 "f#*! it"  (Whoopsie)

I don't think this requires any words:

Thank God one of them can't talk yet....


Renee said...

Bahahahaha!! That's fantastic!!

swimminhill said...

Hee, Jakey, you're the cutest.

And I'm with Nails on the unicorn bit. Don't listen to those superhero parallels... :)