Tuesday, November 13, 2012

37 & 38 Week Bump!

A little bit late, but when in my life have i ever been on time?!?!

You may have noticed these past few weeks that my sidekick has completely abandoned the bump project.
Seems he wants very little to do with this baby, 
and i'm guessing that's not something that will change in the near future either, 
but hey, here's hoping : )


MJ said...

Wow 38 weeks already?!? You look amazing. I hope you're feeling well and wish you all the best for your labour and delivery :)

Anonymous said...

Looking GOOD, Momma!

Wheeeee, I can't even wait to meet Jake's little brother! There, I said it. I think you've got another little man on your hands. :)

Hugs from all of us, hope all goes smoothly (and maybe that we get to see you guys one more time before babe is on the outside!)

suzanne said...

can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family!!