Friday, November 2, 2012

23 Months

.....which is almost two years....

The days fly by.
You grow and grow, and the baby i've known fades and fades.
We talk; there is back and forth, answers to questions, acknowledgement, and real understanding,
all voiced in a perfect little bitty baby voice, punctuated by random yelling, made up words
and so many things only i can understand.
We're speaking the same language.
at last.

I am a little sad that the days of just us are almost over,
and i am doing my best to cherish and savour every last minute of it.
Soon i'll have to start calling you "the Big"
as you're moving up in the food chain around here.
But you'll always be my baby...

1 comment:

LyndsayD said...

I love that photo SO much! He'll be a fabulous big brother :)