Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Awkward Pregnancy Occurrences:

While pregnancy is a many splendored, wondrous and beautiful thing,
there are a few aspects that are mmm, not so glamorous:

When strangers stop you and predict the sex of your baby. Not necessarily awkward for me, as i don't know who's in there, but potentially very awkward for the guesser if the sex is known and they predict wrong. Also just kind of uncomfortable.

Gigantic, earth shattering, body rocking burps.  Please explain?!?!

Having to pee in public bathrooms all the time - due to the endless need to pee, i find myself in places i wouldn't normally frequent i.e. the Walmart bathroom.  I cannot go in there without thinking about the woman in the states(?) who left her baby in the toilet.  Not to mention public bathrooms are kinda gross.

The Pregnancy Waddle.

Going out to eat and trying not to stuff your face (though that's exactly what you want to do) because you think everyone's staring, waiting for the pregnant chick to do exactly that.  Don't become a cliche.

When the baby kicks straight down.

When strangers ask to touch your belly. Um, can i touch yours?  (btw - if you are known to me, rub away)

Having people (ahem, men!) tell you how large you are / are going to be. Yes thanks, I actually hadn't noticed.

Pregnancy halloween costumes. Seriously, Google it (though not suitable for all viewers.)

Peeing when you sneeze.

: )


Renee said...

Dear God i hear ya!!! I saw a couple of those costumes on Pinterest and wondered if i was weird for just being grossed out! Not too long now! :)

MJ said...

Love this! It seems like once you get pregnant everyone, including and especially strangers, have an opinion, prediction or sage advise for you. Hope your are feeling well, you look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with all of it. Buuuut, despite it all (maybe IN spite of it all), you look amazingly wonderful with that squirmy, burp-inducing, boyorgirl in your belly!

Rock it!

Oh - I'm pretty sure we could make a t-shirt to fend off strange hands, comments, and opinions?! Wanna?