Thursday, September 13, 2012

21 (and a half) Months

I um, almost forgot to do this post, but figure better late than never. We'll just pretend, okay?
(i blame baby brain for all of my forgetfulness lately!)

21 Months

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talktalktalktakltaltkaltaktalktaltaktlaktkaktll......
Yes honey, we do know that the boat is gone.
It's like you are dying to have a conversation but just don't have enough words yet,
sometimes you just throw really random words out there:
"boat. hair. mommy. nanny. hat. gala(water). car-car. eye. hannah. button."
I guess this is considered a sentence.

Car car car car car car  car car TRUCK car car caracacracarcacarcarracrca......
Hours upon hours of playing with dinkies. 
Line them up, shove them under the couch cushions, run them across the window sill, drive drive drive.
Every now and then you actually even play with the hot wheels track daddy bought you.
Real cars are good too, and you talk about them a lot.
"daddy car-car gone!"
Yes honey, daddy's car is gone, and hey: the boat is gone too.

Play play play play play play play playplayplaypaypalyaplayaplayaplay......
With blocks, cars, trucks, sand, and especially water.
I used to think you went through a lot of clothes when you were new, now between the water and the mud box er, 
sandbox it's like three outfits a day, myself as well.
No honey, mommy is not a towel.
There are times when i feel bad because you are playing by yourself and will come to play with you,
only to have you take your toy to the other side of the room.
Independence suits you.  I will just read my book.

Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep slepslepsleepsleppslepsplepsleep......
erm, wait a second, NOT!
I remember when you were really little and i thought i had it all in the bag and 
would blame the parents for their kid's crappy sleep habits.  Hopefully i didn't say it outloud.
You have never been a good sleeper.  Lord help me when there's two of you crying at 4 am.
"Mommy mommy mommymommymommymommy mommy!!!!  Milk!"

But you are sweet and happy and amaze me every day with your big smiles and giggly laughs.
If there is one trait your daddy and i passed on to you that means the most it is your ability to laugh.
(and i like to think you got my smile :)
Hold on to that my little.

xo, mom.

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Aunt Eileen said...

ah... so sweet.... and such a nice ay to start my day xoxo