Monday, November 7, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changing...

I remember a time in my life when the time change ( in the fall anyways )
 was always a cause for great celebration. 
A whole extra hour of sleep, going to work an hour later, 
certain (ahem) establishments i frequented would be open later.... 
The benefits to 'fall back' were immense, I mean what's not to love?!

Note, however, the use of past tense...
What i discovered this year is that although the clock on the wall might change,
the clock in our darling babe's heads stays exactly the same.
So although the clock on the wall reads 5am, 
the clock in the little babe's brain says "it's time to wake up."

And although waking up to his tousled hair and those flushed little cheeks is a wonderful way to start the day,
  it is a bittersweet realization that there is no longer cause for great celebration,
only a cause for greater amounts of caffeine ; )

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Emily said...

Beautiful capture! I love the framing and the depth of field. Thank you for sharing! I have a link up for altered tones (black and white, sepia, etc) that I would love if you joined.