Monday, November 28, 2011

A Party to Remember

This kid's so cool, he had to have 2 Birthday parties!
Okay okay, so maybe it was our fault, 
but it wasn't that long ago we had the kind of birthdays that spanned entire weekends...

Anyways, seeing as there are about twenty eleven thousand photos of the big day(s),
plus an itty-bitty photo shoot to share, I will be kind to you (and your computers); 

Here's Part 1 to start you off!

Stay tuned this week for the other party, and possibly maybe a glimpse of our shoot!

Happy Monday!


auntie suz said...

ahhh! love these pics. the one of jake and grandpa and great grandpa is stellar. so much fun, lets do it all over again!

Jodi said...

love this!! looks like a fun birthday :)

Chandra said...

Love the mountain bear t and the pic of him on the sofa with the men!