Saturday, September 4, 2010

Productivity will Increase...

when the heat abates?
Holy Hannnah!

It has been a very long and very busy week,
and those of you who live out here know how hot it has been as well : (
I have deemed myself one of the lucky ones though,
and decided that being one of the coldest people alive has finally paid off.
They say during pregnancy your body temperature increases by 20%,
which I have decided puts me right up around the same temp as the rest of you,
making me the coolest preggo chick in town : )

Anyways, despite the oppressive heat that
Mr. Earl has sent our way much has gotten done,
unfortunately making Dr. Nails the hottest carpenter in town in the process.
Not that he wasn't to begin with....

Beautiful huh?

I would also like to kiss my cute little garden goodbye,
as there might be nothing left tomorrow.
Damn you Earl!

And while Dr. Nails was busy building beautiful things,
 I was busy taking beautiful pictures.
Watch this space for a preview of my shoots!
( shameless plug, i know.  whatevs! )

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