Sunday, September 26, 2010

Light Up My Life

Recently I ran into a girl at the grocery store who lives nearby.
She commented on hearing the happy sound of hammers coming from 
our direction, which surely must mean progress.
I informed her that it was likely our neighbours who were doing all the banging,
as we have far surpassed that stage (and them) and are onto 
bigger and better things.

Things that require copious amounts of wire:

All this wire is connected to the light switches:

Which are in turn connected to the light fixtures:

Which will one day light up all these amazing rooms that will soon be our home.

There is also vast amounts of natural light coming in to the upstairs sitting room 
from the cute little glass door leading out to the deck. 

Better yet, inside the good 'old' part of our lovely little home there is always 
a constant parade of things that never cease to light up my life:

Light'er up Dr. Nails ; )

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