Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Number Three

When you are pregnant, you receive oh-so many tidbits of advice.
Generally speaking, these words of wisdom come from well-to-do women in line at the grocery store.
Haha, just kidding. EVERYONE has some sort of quip, quote, or quirk to share.
While pregnant with my little chicken, people would invariably comment on how busy i was about to be, 
how nice it would be to get a girl, and how easy it was to go from two kids to three.

Well, they were right on two counts. 
1. It is f*#ing busy, having three little souls need you all at the same time is an exercise in motion.
constant motion. Get this clean that cut this up into little cubes wipe wash rinse repeat.
2. And we did get a girl, but we didn't give a damn either way.
What they were wrong about is saying anything about three kids is easy.
Upon reflection, two kids was easy. One kid? piece. of. cake. 
But three? Forget it. My head explodes on an hourly basis. 
Especially when they all cry at the same time.
And then the dog starts howling along....

But then there's this:

And it's all worth it.
at least until someone pees on the carpet, takes someone else's toy, 
or tries to 'kiss' the baby, with their fist.

So if you see me, don't ask if i'm getting any sleep.
I'm not. If it's not one of the tiny humans up in the night its the damn dog barfing on the carpet.
But know that if you need a sippy cup of apple juice, a one armed hug, a kick-ass homemade halloween costume, or a spanking,
i'm your girl:)

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Renee said...

I've heard that lie that you don't even notice a difference going from 2 to 3 kids!! Lovin' your honesty, and your Gorgeous kids!!