Friday, August 30, 2013

9 Months

Dear blog and blog readers,

I am sorry i have been neglecting you so long, but you have to understand,
life is BUSY. and there are so many things that vie for my attention every day.
like keeping everyone alive.
seriously.  hey, so far so good.

then there's secondary things, like wiping the food off the baby's face;
letting the boy outside to pee, 'just like the hannah dog does mommy';
and photography. lots and lots of photography. oh the joy:)
(go HERE to see for yourself, and like away!)

So anyways, here i am, and though this is late its better than never....

9 Months:

Dear Emmitt,

oh how you make me laugh with your sweet smile and those 4 little teeth!

you are trying so hard to take your first steps, but just aren't quite ready, so close.
so often you think you are much bigger and older than you actually are,
trying to do things that you just can't do yet.
keeping up with your big brother might have something to do with it:)

i laugh every time i see you tackle him, drive a dinky,
or attempt to execute skilled manoeuvres while pushing around one of the ride-on vehicles.
the times when you try so hard and get left in the dust hurt my heart though.
i think that's a feeling as a mother i need to get used to,
but i hate it so.

as i watch you grow and learn i am constantly amazed with how quickly you are changing,
how fast you are growing up.

i am loving the precious soul you are proving to be.

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