Wednesday, July 17, 2013

He Said She Said v.3

Dr. Nails was watching the boys one day and sent me the following texts:
"where are e's clothes???"
followed by: "all i can find for him is a pair of dirty jeans and a tight white t-shirt.
Throw some cologne on him and he's ready for the liquor dome."

Jake was looking at a grocery store flyer:
"apple juice is on sale mommy."

Jake: "mommy, you exercising me mommy!"
Now, this is not funny so much for the words, but moreso for the circumstance:
picture pushups/planks/pelvic thrusts (yes, jane fonda style) with a 30lb toddler sitting astride.
Ahem. 'nuff said...

Dr.Nails:  "i still believe in unicorns, just not the rainbow mane part."

"i like eating ketchup"
"hey guys, it's wednesday" (it was)
and "are we at the mall mommy?" (when we were very obviously at home.)

Then there's also the stuff that sugars up my day:
"do you want some water daddy?"
"i kiss you better mommy"
and "hey baby, you lookin' fine..."

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