Thursday, June 20, 2013

7 Months

Dear Emmitt,

we are officially over the hill, more than halfway to a year.
it seems so old when put that way, so dramatic. lets call it something else...
something smaller, something less. 

yesterday you started crawling.  totally. blew. my. mind.
i knew it was coming, but still... this seems so soon, so sudden even.
suddenly one day you were up; hands, knees, 
backwards and finally, forward motion.

such a short short time ago you were so impossibly small. 
your tiny world filled up with me.
now that world is movement and motion; buttercups, building blocks and green beans.
and though we will revolve around each other endlessly, 
i already feel a lengthening. i prepare myself as i watch you crawl away.

 it startles me, this headlong rush of yours.
how quickly your babyhood is seeming to fly. how fleeting this is.

so i try to remember these things;
how your hair looks so blond in the light, the way a wooden block looks in your small hand,
your toothless smile, the way you light up when i come back to you.
all these things. these little things.
my wild little love.


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