Friday, May 24, 2013

6 Months

Dear Emmitt,

i try to remember what your brother was like at this age,
how he looked and laughed, what his baby talk sounded like, if his lips were so kissable.
but it's all shadows and haze and sleepless nights.

but i see you. right now. right here. 
with your chub-a-chub-a cheeks and your gorgeous smile, 
your giggles and that funny noise you make right before you laugh.
and i wonder...
how will i remember all this when it's gone, when you're his age and we are all different...

this is why i post these pictures, and write these words for you.
to remember your littleness.

you are light and happy, and unbelievably adorable.

you just got your first tooth, like to roll across the floor and still love it when your brother jumps on the bed.
one day far too soon you will be jumping right along side him.
i can hardly wait to see the boy you'll be,
but adore the baby you are.

xo, mom.

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