Thursday, March 28, 2013

Four Months

Dear Emmitt,

A chunk a chunk of man you are turning into!

There are the best little giggles and squeals, and you love to be tickled under your armpits.
You roll over onto your belly but get stuck there, then get really MAD about it.
You started to suck on your fingers, your thumb, a soother, but haven't really committed yourself yet.
And you love to talk, we have been having great convos lately, mostly about how smitten i am with you.
I think you feel the same.

 But it is hard, juggling you and your brother. 
And as much as i love this stage of sweet smiles and giggles, i catch myself wishing it away;
wishing you were bigger, that you could be set down for a minute, that you could run and play with your brother.

But then i kiss your sweet cheeks (and your chin and your lips and your nose and your head and your belly...),
smell your delicious baby smell, and you breathe your sweet milk breath on my face,
and i change my mind.

I want you to stay this little forever :)

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