Thursday, October 4, 2012

22 Months

I um, feel like i just did this : ) so i will keep this short and sweet.

As we creep toward the big 2 things are changing faster than ever.
There are moments of clarity, when you totally understand me and i'm like, holy sh*t, you are SO SMART.
Then there are the moments of complete frustration when you blow your top and i struggle not to blow mine.
I am sure both will continue, the light will keep getting brighter and the blow-ups will just get bigger.
That's okay.  While i'm not sure what you are going to throw at me i am always ready to duck.

But i love to watch you learn/eat/sleep/play/read/run, and your many triumphs are mine as well.
You ARE so smart, have gorgeous hair, the best laugh and give the sweetest kisses.
I am wallowing in these last weeks where i have you all. to. myself.

 Now holy crap, could you just sleep through the night already?!?!


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Ro said...

Beautiful blue eyes - love you ox