Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bits and Bops

I know we have been home for a week two weeks(!) already, but i have been barely able to catch my breath,
much less take photos, edit them, write some witty story, and create a blog post.
My apologies, but fyi? it's summer and life happens outside!
Having said that, i did finally get around to a few more pics from our vacay...

Playground buddies

Stampede pancake breakfast - at least one of us is enjoy this.
(ironically it's me, normally when i say that one of us is enjoying themselves, it's invariably him.)

New toys for daddy jakie

My sweet itty bitty niece lovelovelove!

Buddah belly buddies - it was agreed upon, by me anyways, that i win.
That pose really gave me a run for my money though.

 Quite possibly one of my favs - best place ever, best little friend ever : )

There were oh so many more, (don't worry mom i won't post the one of you at the parade wearing that funny hat)
but there is some sweet sweet ice cream calling my name.
And I think it is agreed upon, by every pregnant lady out there, that ice cream wins. every. single. time.

The end


MJ said...

glad you had a good vacation. you're looking fantastic!!

Chandra said...

Love the bellies! You, of course, rocked yours the best! Glad you enjoyed the vacay :)

suz said...

love the last pic!